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The NeverHateOnlyLove movement is an institutional framework that provides FREE enterprise electronic services, such as an advanced social network and cloud, with marketing and collaboration tools for those that come together under a paradigm of acceptance and respect, to promote genuine positivity and friendship, for those who have a desire to follow a sense of human values that lead us ALL to the enrichment of our life.

Our aspirations and prerogatives incline towards what is positive, happy, beautiful and honest since our choice is to nurture the human person, inside and outside, with the energy produced from humanly positive values; we share positive, happy and beautiful things that will make your day and life better and we present them in an interesting and respectful manner, this is the way we seed a drop of goodness in our hearts everyday, to continuously build the ocean of our lives… to keep it pure, positive and humane.

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We strive to be positive! And we achieve it by leaving judgement aside while moving ahead towards the direction of acceptance and respect.

We gather in this platform to create change and we begin with our person, our individual power augments with the help of those around us, so our choice is to get together to achieve splendid things, we set our activities and goals as a group to minimize drama and friction and to maximize achievement and satisfaction. Each one of us performing its own talent becomes the gears of our mechanism of happiness.

The truth is the clean water that hydrates our hearts, we stick to scientific concepts and principles but we gracefully invite the fantasy, the philosophy and those realms that happen inside our individuality, never trying to indoctrinate by irrational, coercive or fraudulent means.

A great community deserves the best tools to keep us inspired and connected, please excuse if our system seems a little retro and dry, but think about those professional solutions for government, business and restaurants running on old devices that have worked for years and never stop, WE ARE THAT! We are proud to offer a corporate private platform so your information or your digital prints will NEVER be tracked or exposed to algorithms in the pursuit of generating revenue or to deliver your information to ANY agency, as most of other social networks and platforms do to obtain huge revenue and donations from the security and surveillance sector. Here our fancy ingredients are your inspiration and contributions that will serve the purpose of our collective expansion, so please let them fly without limitations but always with humanity and respect.

Our platform is the excuse to get to know each other and get closer with positive goals in this era of modernity, but we really want to take it further than that with the active participation of every single one of us in activities that will bring us together in person too.

Subscribe to our platform and enjoy premium corporate services at NO cost and the power and vibration of an entire global network of genuine positive people interconnected to exchange and share the finest that the human can provide, including their own professional activities, in a truthful manner, always with acceptance and respect.

= The pillars of our foundation =

THE RELIGIOUS AND METAPHYSICAL PERSPECTIVE: The “inside” of your human. To discover, exercise and master philosophy, meditation and matters that only can happen within you.
THE SCIENTIFIC AND PHYSICAL PERSPECTIVE: The “outside” of the human. To find, innovate and go beyond mainstream science, statistics, numbers and mathematics.

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