This era of information has brought so much content…

that is hard to find an adequate selection or even something that at least is healthy. We are exposed to computer and artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze our preferences and present right in front of our eyes what is more addicting and engaging, the result of this is disinformation, confusion plus the push of the preference to what is morbid, to what makes the body produce more stimulating substances, clearly creating a negative habit that is pushing us to become like that more and more.

We were already addicted to television in previous times, which now seem childish next to the new generation of “entertainment” platforms and devices that keep us engaged and it seems that we are NOT noticing their impact; topics like rivalry, enmity and fear are projected at all time, with different characters, colors and productions, but same topics on and on and it is this repetition that affects our psyche by reprogramming it, and tattooing inside of us the absurdity of these behaviors that are projected socially nowadays almost everywhere, not to mention the constant negativity and fear induced by so many news networks outlets, all own by a very reduced number of  big corporations.

So LiveDEEP.TV is…

a clean option to browse and search content that can escape the regular repetitive mind-programming created by computer algorithms and artificial intelligence whose experts and teams of psychologists and psychiatrists work to keep us engaged and reinforcing the same stereotypes and negative programs projected through every device that build society and push our mood into drama, negativity and toxicity, which are the cancer that hurts our society nowadays.

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