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    Kirlian photography of someone's fingertips

    Energy, what is it?

    Energy, by definition is the capacity for work or vigorous activity; human energy means the capacity for human work or to perform on human activities. To study the origin, causes and impact of all types of human energy is the objective and mission of our Human Eenergy Institute, nonexclusive of the human itself and everything that interrelates to it accordingly.

    Duality the greatest confusion

    Each unity involves in itself a principle of duality, front and back, up and down, light and dark, explaining one is hard without its counterpart, the act of creation of people involves two humans also, masculine and feminine. Under our perspective, a single human is constituted by its outside and its inside, we connect and interact with other humans in this world outside of ourselves, because is built upon physical matter and ruled by such laws which always are verifiable by scientific methods;  but it is the inside world the one that awakens our imagination and confusions, triggering our doubts and questions, our institute is the first of its kind to formulate scientific formal research in relation to this kind of topics.

    The inside world

    A lot of confusion has been established around this topic since different institutions have tried to clarify it for centuries (and even used it as an excuse for economical profit), but the truth is that the efforts have not been very successful, rather than creating unity among the people or supplying a strong base of solid knowledge, their schooling and scriptures run from nice practical doctrines up to trigger the utmost outrageous inhumane events originated basically by personal interpretations or under the name of characters and entities based more on orthodoxy, culture and traditions than what the empirical experience and a proper methodology can provide.

    Expensive urban developments for few rich people, while slums and poverty extend all over.

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