Health is the most basic of the human assets,

this era of pandemic made it clear that the most important thing in life is the appropriate preservation of the human health, our body performs with such level of perfection that we take it for granted, we spend too much time sitting down and following a sedentary life-style of brief mobility, keeping the majority of us in bad shape and not really happy with the way our body looks and performs and this influences negatively the respect towards our own person and henceforth towards everyone else.

Industrialized food and restaurant corporations have contributed to this trend by introducing a variety of chemicals, supposedly as an attempt to preserve the characteristics and the availability of food, but seems more like this has “helped” to reduce the price of food; the cheaper the food, the more of these ingredients it contains and less nutrition it delivers, obese people with insatiable appetite are the biggest victims; it seems to be a historical correlation between the consumption of these synthetic ingredients and the increase in degenerative diseases we seem to suffer, the more we industrialize those processes, the more degenerative diseases appear – physical, mental, emotional. What we should notice is that those laboratories that manufacture the food additives are the same laboratories that manufacture the “remedies” to those diseases.

So mainstream medicine looks more like a well-built profitable business, compared to the higher social cause that it should fulfill because the economical constructions push society towards these type of schemes, making it impossible to go after a more natural life-style which clearly seems impossible because of its elevated costs, such as consuming organic food and real natural remedies. As laboratories are powerful economical entities under the current system, the corruption and connections at certain levels of government makes this trend even worst in detriment of the people, we eat more food that is low in nutrition but high in chemical substances the body cannot deal with.

This same sad story happens with our water, institutionally polluted with fluoride, also with the air we breath, contaminated NOT only with industrial pollution but sprayed constantly with chemtrails. All these conditions that are not healthy seem to happen everywhere in the world and it is clear their character is far from being natural.

So SHIVAWATER is a movement

for all those people interested in health, from professionals to natural traditional doctors and all those that understand health and healing seriously and respectfully, our goal is to come together and exchange information, products, therapies, support and techniques that help us all in the quest of reaching our health and the pertinent knowledge that keep us fine and happy, while minimizing the risk and negative implications that such elevated responsibility brings to our lives.

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