As humans, it is our pleasure, privilege and obligation to always choose, generate, give and receive good positive energy, in opposition to the predatory paradigm that predominates in the rest of species that share this planet too.
This does not mean to turn our backs towards negative energy, we never turn our backs on anything; we rather to welcome everything that has reached our person with acceptance and respect, as a guarantee to create dialogue and understanding, we make peace and start in peace always.
Humanity is the most important and determining force in this planet, so it is our responsibility to keep our world beautiful and in optimal operating conditions, not only for us but for the sake of the other living species that coexist with us.
Human existence requires energy so our goal is to maximize it, we begin with the energy inside of ourselves, then continue to body and mind up to those generated collectively or by alternative means.

Human energy exists

Further from the energy required by the natural process of life, humans are affected and influenced by different forms of energy that are hard to perceive by the regular senses. Most of those energies are created by: 1. Interacting with other people that revolve around your life, or 2. the interaction with your own self person. And it is the perception and management of those situations that determine most of your results in life, so during those moments, it is a well known fact that investing a more positive attitude and approach will generate a better outcome, that most of the times will end up resulting convenient and even capable of creating a joyful bliss and (or) obtaining superior results.

And it is here where our work starts, our goal is to study, understand and master every form of human energy, visible and invisible, perceivable or not, so we all become capable of remaining the majority of time under the influence of positive energy which will lead us to a faster, more efficient and productive living, rather than wasting time and life by keeping ourselves in the opposite scenario, which seems to be the common disease that predominates in this era.

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    Everyone is invited

    Come join us in our weekend meetings, our doors are open without limitation and far from prejudice, you will feel comfortable in our presence since our core principles are based on acceptance and respect. If you are a religious person or if you have a religious formation you are more than welcome, your experience will be a valuable contribution that will lead and encourage our fellow participants. You will love our weekend gatherings, so please keep on coming to progress together.

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    Every saturday @ 4 PM

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    The Synagogue of the Human Energy

    Los Angeles, CA 90033
    United States of America

    The Synagogue of the Human Energy

    philosophy #1
    Any person and or situation that finds me or reaches my person is for me to accept and respect, experiencing its impact without judgement will always enrich my life and build knowledge. By giving the energy of acceptance and respect always, such guarantees that I always receive back the very same energy. Acceptance builds an accurate system of belief that matches reality to prevent delusion and conflict towards the people around me, while respect promotes good energy interactions.
    Acceptance + Respect + Time = Love
    philosophy #2
    Since human nature, in general, is to give back the energy it has received, it is my duty to always provide good energy so I always have it in return. In case the bad energy finds me, I won’t turn my back on it, I will dialogue in neutral basis and question to dissipate my doubts, but I will never react immediately; every decision I make, I will always invest time to think about it three times: Once with my mind, the other with my heart and the last one with the energies I am made of, practicing this develops my intelligence and will lead me closer to the most positive energy I can obtain.
    philosophy #3
    The most elevated human endeavor is to maximize the self energy, to achieve this, I produce positive thoughts that later I will share as positive conversations that will translate in the end into positive actions. The energy begins within me, so it is there within myself where I start generating good positive energy, the b****r it is, the b****r the thoughts I’ll be able to produce. Every energy that reaches me will affect my person, henceforth my choice is to prioritize the connection towards the good energies first in whatever forms they exist, including people, substances, food, books, videos, institutions or conversations, always in a responsible manner, the same way I am responsible for the impact of my energy towards me and my person, I am responsible of the way my energy affects others.

    My life is perfect for me,
    because it is created by me,
    with my mind, my heart and my deepside.
    That’s why I think adequately,
    I always think three times:
    One with my mind,
    another with my heart.
    and the last one with my deepside.
    My life is perfect for me,
    because it is created by me.
    Thinking always three times
    elevates my thoughts;
    superior thoughts
    produce superior actions,
    the most superior actions
    must always be the human ones,
    actions loaded with humanity,
    loaded with human energy,
    loaded with love, goodness and good energy.
    I always give good and positive energy,
    to always receive good and positive energy.
    When the good and positive energy decreases,
    I will always find it within me
    because it is there where is born,
    because the energy is always good.
    I always give good and positive energy,
    to always receive good and positive energy.
    Too much energy tires me soon,
    little energy produces almost nothing,
    that’s why I always keep myself
    in the center of my energy,
    right there my power resides
    and l find freedom,
    I always give good and positive energy,
    to always receive good and positive energy.

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