Human energy exists

Further from the energy required by the natural process of life, humans are affected and influenced by different forms of energy that are hard to perceive by the regular senses. Most of those energies are created by: 1. Interacting with other people that revolve around your life, or 2. the interaction with your own self person. And it is the perception and management of those situations that determine most of your results in life, so during those moments, it is a well known fact that investing a more positive attitude and approach will generate a better outcome, that most of the times will end up resulting convenient and even capable of creating a joyful bliss and (or) obtaining superior results.

And it is here where our work starts, our goal is to study, understand and master every form of human energy, visible and invisible, perceivable or not, so we all become capable of remaining the majority of time under the influence of positive energy which will lead us to a faster, more efficient and productive living, rather than wasting time and life by keeping ourselves in the opposite scenario, which seems to be the common disease that predominates in this era.

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    Everyone is invited

    Come join us in our weekend meetings, our doors are open without limitation and far from prejudice, you will feel comfortable in our presence since our core principles are based on acceptance and respect. If you are a religious person or if you have a religious formation you are more than welcome, your experience will be a valuable contribution that will lead and encourage our fellow participants. You will love our weekend gatherings, so please keep on coming to progress together.

    Location and timing

    +++ Meetings +++
    Every SATURDAY
    Doors OPEN @ 12 PM
    Main Speaker @ 6 PM
    Doors Close @ 8 PM

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    The Synagogue of the Human Energy

    Los Angeles, CA 90033
    United States of America

    The Synagogue of the Human Energy

    Precept 1
    Acceptance and respect

    Any person and or situation that finds me or reaches my person is for me to accept and respect, experiencing its impact without judgement will always enrich my life and build knowledge. By giving the energy of acceptance and respect always, such guarantees that I always receive back the very same energy. Acceptance builds an accurate system of belief that matches reality to prevent delusion and conflict towards the people around me, while respect promotes good energy interactions.

    Precept 2
    Always give good positive energy

    Since human nature, in general, is to give back the energy it has received, it is my duty to always provide good energy so I always have it in return. In case the bad energy finds me, I won’t turn my back on it, I will dialogue in neutral basis and question to dissipate my doubts, but I will never react immediately; every decision I make, I will always invest time to think about it three times: Once with my mind, the other with my heart and the last one with my spiritual space, practicing this develops my intelligence and will lead me closer to the most positive energy I can obtain.

    Precept 3
    Maximize the good energy

    The most elevated human endeavor is to maximize the self energy, to achieve this, I produce positive thoughts that later I will share as positive conversations that will translate in the end into positive actions. The energy begins within me, so it is there within myself where I start generating good positive energy, the bigger it is, the bigger the thoughts I’ll be able to produce. Every energy that reaches me will affect my person, henceforth my choice is to prioritize the connection towards the good energies first in whatever forms they exist, including people, substances, food, books, videos, institutions or conversations, always in a responsible manner, the same way I am responsible for the impact of my energy towards me and my person, I am responsible of the way my energy affects others.

    Our Prayer

    My life is perfect for me,
    because it is created by me,
    with my mind, my heart and my spiritual space.
    That’s why I think adequately,
    I always think three times:
    One with my mind,
    another with my heart.
    and the last one with my spiritual space.
    My life is perfect for me,
    because it is created by me.
    Thinking always three times
    elevates my thoughts;
    superior thoughts
    produce superior actions,
    the most superior actions
    must always be the human ones,
    actions loaded with humanity,
    loaded with human energy,
    loaded with love, goodness and good energy.
    I always give good and positive energy,
    to always receive good and positive energy.
    When the good and positive energy decreases,
    I will always find it within me
    because it is there where is born,
    because the energy is always good.
    I always give good and positive energy,
    to always receive good and positive energy.
    Too much energy tires me soon,
    little energy produces almost nothing,
    that’s why I always keep myself
    in the center of my energy,
    right there my power resides
    and l find freedom,
    I always give good and positive energy,
    to always receive good and positive energy.

    Our Fundamental Laws

    Law #1

    Every time you open your eyes when you wake up everyday, you are the witness of your own existence, you give faith of your own physical body by seeing it and feeling it and no entity nor substance is or can be in between that, nor involved in the process, nor required for such to happen.

    Law #2

    Our physical form exists in this physical world, making us subject of its limitations in the forms of laws and forces that define and guarantee our identity, individuality and our capacity of existence and interactions, all of this happens only in the present time and we connect to it with our five senses. The “all” exists in here.

    Law #3

    We action simultaneously in a non-physical world that happens privately in our inside and is completely opposite to the physical world, verified by its ethereal, unlimited and timeless character; it is always accessible through non-physical means such as meditation, intuition and feeling and all you can create and access happens and lives in it, but in the form of thoughts and abstractions.

    Our Rituals

    Ritual “Beginning”
    Salutation – Projection – Gratitude

    After a long rest or at the beginning of a new day, before your eyes open, say “hi” to your own person while you observe your day happening great, so thank yourself for it and the opportunities.

    Ritual “Finishing”
    Good Bye – Evaluation – Connection

    At the end of the day, right before falling asleep, resting with your eyes closed, evaluate the results of your day while saying “rest great, see you tomorrow” to yourself and to all the relevant people you can picture inside, kiss them and hug them while falling asleep.

    Ritual “Privacy”
    Your private life is yours only

    The main difference between “secrecy” and “privacy” is that secrecy refers more to keeping something hidden/covered deliberately, while privacy is merely to avoid talking about your most personal things and activities. We encourage you to NEVER disclose your privacy to absolutely anyone, your privacy is an individual right that is only yours and you should be able to keep it private always, the same way you must NEVER insist on transgressing anyone’s privacy ever, since this is the essence of everyone’s individuality. Please never ever share your private things, in the same way you never need to learn about anyone’s privacy.


    Your grandfather and uncle keep a secret that your aunt has cancer “so you don’t worry about it”, maybe because a negative response is expected. On the other side, your grandmother always wears ultra sensual lingerie and uses the bathroom 66 times a day to scratch her back with a special tool and no other person ever needs to know about it, well this is privacy, her privacy! Because it is absolutely irrelevant and unnecessary for anyone else to learn about her private activities.

    Ritual “Intimacy”
    The most powerful moment

    The topic of human reproduction has never been put on the table clearly and respectfully, so sex beyond a reproductive and a recreational experience, happens to be one of the most powerful moments because its magic is capable of creating human life.

    If you choose a partner to share your intimacy with reproduction purposes, take proper responsibility by planning and finding resources to help you build a family that makes our society strong and positive, always respect the mutual decisions and always talk and listen to make adequate adjustments, your choice as a couple is private so never involve others because the decision never belongs to them. Give the best you can and never regret mother nature actions.

    If you rather to stay single and only involve in recreational sex, don’t be afraid of speaking about it with your potential partner as a symbol of respect to the interests of that person, because maybe she/he wants to start a family and you don’t and this is the point where most conflicts originate to extend years ahead, pushing towards friction and a life of misery and regret in the future.

    The same way you wash your mouth in the morning so it tastes/smells right in case it gets kissed by your beloved partner, please, before sex, always wash your intimate parts properly because its fluids come out and one inappropriate odor is capable of ending an amazing experience. The body instinctive mechanism stops/freezes automatically if awkward symptoms are discovered.

    Finally, during sex the most powerful human energy is created, use the act to go into yourself simultaneously and reach a state of deep meditation to enjoy that wonderful energy; even if it lasts a few seconds, once there share it with you, with those you love, then with the rest of us and see the world healing with its positive magic, then give all you can and let your passion explode. Thank you, your biggest magic now has served a higher purpose.

    Ritual “Water”
    Reprogramming pure water for positivity

    Everytime you drink pure clean water, before you drink it, grab the container with both hands and say “Beautiful water, with joy I bring your purity within me to keep me strong and positive always. Thank you”.

    Ritual “Attendance”
    Share – Exchange – Inform

    The human presence is the most exquisite blessing when gathering for humane and positive purposes, so once a week we get together to philosophize, share, exchange and inform about any topic that emerges from the positive impact and the relevance of our activities and institution. This is where our name comes from, “synagogue” is originally a Greek word (first found in the New Testament), it comes from the verb synagein, “to bring together or gather,” so its meaning is “place of gathering”, so we do it with the goal of study, evaluate and generate a better appreciation about the positive impact we invest in our lives and our society by following principles of humanity, by following the principles of our institution.

    Our interactions happen openly and sincerely because positivity is our language as a manifestation to acquire/increase knowledge, because the bigger it grows in quality and volume, the better decisions we can make/take; always remember, all around us and our institution comes always under the premises of acceptance and respect.

    So for us, our “synagogue” is:
    A group of us getting together to speak in a vivid manner about episodes where the positive precepts of our religion
    1. have impacted in our lives in a functional/positive manner,
    2. have leaded us in course of a productive and thriving life,
    3. have healed any internal or external wound to overcome our limitations and grow bigger,
    4. have pushed our person out of negativity to rise us into the arms of positivity,
    5. have helped us finding positive truthful information that is worth to share, and
    6. have brought great energy masters to speak and share their positive energy techniques.

    Our doors are open every Saturday at 12 p.m. and we close them at 8 p.m., the main guest delivers its speech at 6 p.m., come at any time that is great for you and leave when you find it convenient.

    So join us personally and directly in our locations or in certain established places, you can bring food and drinks, for you or to share with whomever you want, please bring healthy and nutritional items, preferably sugarless, low on animal fat and NOT of a very industrialized or toxic character (please NO MSG, preservatives, colorants, etc. due to its carcinogen essence), maybe just fruit or perhaps you can cook a pot of your delicious recipe and share it with us. Please don’t bring/consume alcoholic beverages in general, but specifically NEVER during the time of the synagogue, there is plenty of evidence about its unhealthy and negative effects.

    You can bring your show and perform for us, in case you have an artistic heart we will make space for you BUT only if you have practiced plenty and your exhibition is of a respectable caliber and suitable for all audiences.

    The assistance can also happen in the virtual form where streaming technology is available or where any form of telecommunication can bring you near, getting together for this positive exchange is what matters and the more you assist and participate, the more you’ll impregnate of our positive essence.

    Ritual “NEH”
    Nutrition – Exercise – Health

    + Nutrition +

    To reduce the negative impact and effects of aging, to keep ourselves strong and healthy, to identify with the people that have different eating habits and even to understand scarcity and the need for food, we eat in a special manner during the week, each day of our regular diet intercalates with a day of lighter comsumption: 2 days we eat in a regular manner, 2 days of veganism, 1 day vegetarian, 1 day complete fast (except water – eat a fruit if the acidity or discomfort is excessive during the first days) and 1 day for celebration.


    Monday – Vegan day: Eat NO animal nor their products, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and plant-based milk.

    Tuesday – Fasting day: No food at all must be consumed, just drink plenty of water.

    Wednesday – Regular day: Eat the way you would eat regularly, then go at any time for a 20 minute run, workout 10 minutes and take a cold shower.

    Thursday – Vegan day: Eat NO animal nor their products, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and plant-based milk.

    Friday – Celebration day: Indulge enjoying your favorite meals but never in excess, then go at any time for a 20 minute run, workout 10 minutes and take a cold shower.

    Saturday – Vegetarian day: You must NOT eat animal itself but you can eat their products, such as milk, eggs and honey.

    Sunday – Regular day: Eat the way you would eat regularly, then go at any time for a 20 minute run, workout 10 minutes and take a cold shower.

    + Exercise +

    Our sedentary life-style allows little space to exercise, but the truth is we need to exercise to preserve/develop mental and physical health, which has been so affected by our highly industrialized society and all its chemicals, pollutants and toxic repercussions; even for basic survival reasons, the ability of a quick run can make a fatal difference.

    So to guarantee your health and longevity we complement our nutritional ritual with a minimal exercising routine to keep you in shape and strong. So the three days of the week when you ate normally (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, according to the previous example), ALWAYS perform our recommended workout at least; NEVER quit until it becomes a hard-wired habit, absolutely normal to you, you will be amazed one year later with the results… then you will see in 3 years.

    It consists of two parts: A 20 minute run, then right after go for a 10 minute but intensive basic workout (sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, burpies, lunges, high-stepping, squats, etc.), no gym is required, nor special clothes, actually put on some briefs if you are at home, because if you do it correctly, the sweating will be prominent.

    Always push your boundaries a little more every time, do it comfortably to improve gradually, constantly and without stress, this is the essence of our kung-fu.


    Perform two sets of:
    + 6 pull-up
    + 12 goblet squat
    + 12 push-up
    + 6 lunge with dumbbells
    + 6 single-leg deadlift

    This next illustration shows the 5 exercises:

    + Health +

    If your run and workout were performed properly, you will be covered in sweat and your body temperature will be higher, making this the perfect moment for the finest most primitive health therapy ever: The cold shower.

    So grab some nice liquid soap and apply it over your body then jump in the cold shower, with time you will get used to it. Plus the truth is that, such saves a lot of water for our planet while you’re becoming a legend. Always consume 3-4 spoons of protein powder when you finish for a faster recovery.


    People from all over the world already incorporate cold showers into their daily routines. The main benefits reported by people who take cold showers regularly are listed below:

    Reduced stress levels. Regularly taking cold showers imposes a small amount of stress on your body, which leads to a process called hardening. This means that your nervous system gradually gets used to handling moderate levels of stress. The hardening process helps you to keep a cool head, the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation.

    Higher level of alertness. Cold showers wake your body up, inducing a higher state of alertness. The cold also stimulates you to take deeper breaths, decreasing the level of CO2 throughout the body, helping you concentrate. Cold showers thus keep you ready and focused throughout the day.

    More robust immune response. Scientific studies have found that taking a cold shower increases the amount of white blood cells in your body. These blood cells protect your body against diseases. Researchers believe that this process is related to an increased metabolic rate, which stimulates the immune response.

    Increased willpower. It takes a strong mind to endure the cold for extended periods of time. By incorporating cold showers into your daily routine, you are strengthening your willpower , which benefits many aspects of (your) daily life.

    Weight loss. Research has shown that cold showers (and exposure to cold in general), in addition to increasing metabolic rate directly, stimulate the generation of brown fat. Brown fat is a specific type of fat tissue that in turn generates energy by burning calories. Cold showers, then, are an effective tool for people who are looking to lose a few pounds.

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