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The NeverHateOnlyLove movement is an institutional framework that provides FREE enterprise electronic services, such as an advanced social network and cloud, with marketing and collaboration tools for those that come together under a paradigm of acceptance and respect, to promote genuine positivity and friendship, for those who have a desire to follow a sense of human values that lead us ALL to the enrichment of our life.

Our aspirations and prerogatives incline towards what is positive, happy, beautiful and honest since our choice is to nurture the human person, inside and outside, with the energy produced from humanly positive values; we share positive, happy and beautiful things that will make your day and life better and we present them in an interesting and respectful manner, this is the way we seed a drop of goodness in our hearts everyday, to continuously build the ocean of our lives… to keep it pure, positive and humane.

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We strive to be positive! And we achieve it by leaving judgement aside while moving ahead towards the direction of acceptance and respect.

We gather in this platform to create change and we begin with our person, our individual power augments with the help of those around us, so our choice is to get together to achieve splendid things, we set our activities and goals as a group to minimize drama and friction and to maximize achievement and satisfaction. Each one of us performing its own talent becomes the gears of our mechanism of happiness.

The truth is the clean water that hydrates our hearts, we stick to scientific concepts and principles but we gracefully invite the fantasy, the philosophy and those realms that happen inside our individuality, never trying to indoctrinate by irrational, coercive or fraudulent means.

A great community deserves the best tools to keep us inspired and connected, please excuse if our system seems a little retro and dry, but think about those professional solutions for government, business and restaurants running on old devices that have worked for years and never stop, WE ARE THAT! We are proud to offer a corporate private platform so your information or your digital prints will NEVER be tracked or exposed to algorithms in the pursuit of generating revenue or to deliver your information to ANY agency, as most of other social networks and platforms do to obtain huge revenue and donations from the security and surveillance sector. Here our fancy ingredients are your inspiration and contributions that will serve the purpose of our collective expansion, so please let them fly without limitations but always with humanity and respect.

Our platform is the excuse to get to know each other and get closer with positive goals in this era of modernity, but we really want to take it further than that with the active participation of every single one of us in activities that will bring us together in person too.

Subscribe to our platform and enjoy premium corporate services at NO cost and the power and vibration of an entire global network of genuine positive people interconnected to exchange and share the finest that the human can provide, including their own professional activities, in a truthful manner, always with acceptance and respect.

= The pillars of our foundation =

THE RELIGIOUS AND METAPHYSICAL PERSPECTIVE: The “inside” of your human. To discover, exercise and master philosophy, meditation and matters that only can happen within you.
THE SCIENTIFIC AND PHYSICAL PERSPECTIVE: The “outside” of the human. To find, innovate and go beyond mainstream science, statistics, numbers and mathematics.

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Dexter Lumis – “Human Science Experiment” (Entrance Theme)

Dexter Lumis – “Human Science Experiment” (Entrance Theme) Dexter Lumis’ Official NXT Theme!! I love everything about Dexter Lumis, his character, his theme, everything!! I really hope we see more of him on NXT TV, he’s a very interesting asset!! I’ve read some previous comments about this theme sounding like the Stranger Things intro theme and I totally agree with […]

psychological power psychology facts .success motivation#motivation

#Psychological power #psychological fact vedios #psychology fact #power psychology facts #motivation # motivational Short vedios #Shorts #yt shorts #fact shorts #psychological fact shorts motivational statusfor Psychology Facts In Hindi about girlLife motivation,Rishtey motivation status,Success motivation status,inspiration short vedio,life motivation channel,life motivation latest video,love status,love vedio,motivation,motivational,motivational speech,motivational status,motivational video,positive vibe only,ristey,rrmotivation,sad status,shorts,shorts YouTube channel,study zone motivation,successful people quotes,whatsapp status video,yt shorts […]

Let's Play Empyrion Galactic Survival | Alpha 12.3.2 | Ep 20! – The Fate of the Ilmarinen!

In this episode we continue our journey into the story mission “Ancient Revelations” and explore and conquer the ill-fated Ilmarinen! And… we don’t die! Not even once. I’m sure you don’t believe me, I mean… why would you, I die often enough in this series despite the difficulty level… but it is true! Came close to death once or twice […]


In this compilation, u will hear the best advices David goggins put out there to put us on the grind. David goggins playlist: Subscribe for future videos STAY HARD- PART2: _______________________________________________________________ Music licensed through tunetank All videos footage are licensed through videoblocks. _______________________________________________________________ speaker: David goggins Instagram: website: twitter: #davidgoggins#motivationalvideo2021#gogginsmotivation _____________________________________________________________ About this page: Get Driven is the place to […]

Oxfam and Wealth Inequality

A new Oxfam report claims that the scale of wealth inequality has grown and that eight people in the world have as much wealth as the poorest fifty per cent of the global population. source

Experiment: Lava vs Crab

Lava vs Crab Scientific Experiment. Acknowledgment: No Animals Were Harmed In the Making of This Video, The Crab was not a living one and Was Bought from The SuperMarket for Scientific Experiment Purpose Only. This Type of C***s Used for All Types Researches in Our Country! Conclusion: At the End of the experiment, we found out that the Lava was […]


What are the laws of psychological powers? Ang psychological power ay ang abilidad na pasunurin ang tao upang magawa at matapos ang bagay, ayon sa kanyang standards. Mas malakas ang power, mas maraming magagawa. Walang mali rito, lalo na kung gagamitin ang ‘power’ sa makabuluhan at mabuting bagay. Paano magkaroon ng ganitong power? Patunayan na iba ka. Yun b**g, “Galing […]

EXCLUSIVE: Buzz Aldrin Confirms UFO Sighting in Syfy's 'Aliens on the Moon'

Forget everything you think you know about the moon! The channel that brought you Sharknado has turned their sights to the stars for a two-hour documentary special, Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed, and ET has your exclusive first look! source



Contemplating "Wealth Inequality in America"

“Wealth Inequality in America” is a fast-growing viral hit on YouTube, but it’s just part of the story. BUY MY NEW BOOK – $19.99 SIGNED COPY (HIGHLY LIMITED!) – $50.00 If you enjoy my content, please follow me on: Facebook – Tumblr – Twitter – * * * MORE LINKS: Recovery in U.S. Is Lifting Profits, but Not Adding Jobs […]

Amezing Science Experiment | Normal Water VS Salt Water | #Shorts

Amezing Science Experiment | Normal Water VS Salt Water | #Shorts source

Can the Oil Industry Adapt to a Changing World? | Black Gold | The New Yorker Documentary

In a documentary by Sydney Bowie Linden, a small-town oilman wonders how changing politics—around fossil fuels and beyond—will affect the community and business he knows. Still haven’t subscribed to The New Yorker on YouTube ►► source

Sadhguru – Psychological Effects Of Deep Breathing | Sadhguru Mystic Yogi

Sadhguru talks about Psychological effects of deep breathing, how breathing system affects your mental health. Your anxiety, anger, stress can be reduced if proper breathing is done. 00:16 – Breath and mental status related 02:55 – Emotion and breath 05:09 – Breath influence brain 07:49 – Shaktichalana kriya #breathing #anxiety #mentalhealth ►Copyright disclaimer: We own a commercial license for all […]

Unraveling Revelation: Vision Over Shiloh

IN MAY OF 2019, we saw what can only be described as a sign in the sky over the ancient Hebrew holy site of Shiloh, where the tabernacle of God stood for more than 300 years. This week, we show you what we saw in the sky. Skeptics may call it jet contrails or an unusual cloud formation, but to […]

NO QUIT MENTALITY – Powerful Motivational Speech (Featuring Marcus Elevation Taylor)

Remember why you had to let some people go. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’re pressing, you’re pushing, you’re clawing, you’re dragging. It may be difficult. It may seem impossible. But there is a reward at the end of this pain. You need to push through the brokenness, do NOT stop. It’s the NO QUIT MENTALITY. One of […]

Distribution of Income and Wealth with Reasons for Income & Wealth Inequality

Distribution of Income and Wealth with Reasons for Income & Wealth Inequality. A video covering the Distribution of Income and Wealth with Reasons for Income & Wealth Inequality Poverty video for Equity vs Equality and Vertical/Horizontal Equity: Twitter: Facebook: source

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