Our goal is to create a real human society

Functional Community

We are different because we use the internet as a tool of growth, opposite to other internet communities or social media that are already in charge of presenting selfish and stupefying content merely to keep you “entertained”.

Beyond the computer and electronic devices

We encourage everyone in our community to interact beyond the internet, you can join us in our activities or create your own activity and invite others.

You’ll never be alone

You can promote your professional activities, same as finding partners to build projects, play a sport or as a company for your presentations or venues.

Security and confidence

All of our services are created with love and respect by our founder members, using advanced software and intelligent security systems; we never share your information with government agencies or corporate institutions, we do not keep logs or information to track your position or your activities.

We have a spirit

We welcome all people from all religious beliefs but this is not and it will never be the place to speak or promote any form of imaginary friends. We encourage you to believe in yourself so you follow and trust yourself as the biggest energy in your universe.

This is not for everyone

To become part of our movement, you need an invitation from one of our members and a modest yearly payment for the membership that will grant you access to the full content on our website.


We're not around now, please send us an email so we'll get back to you.


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