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I know you all have been hyped for this week’s breakdown.

Most of the footage we’ll be looking at is Jordan Peterson’s recent conversation with Sam Harris.

Now the problem is how do you go about having a productive confrontation, debate, discussion or argument without demolishing your relationship with the other person?

I’m sure, at some point, some of you have been in that agitating scenario where your arguments and points have been taken out of context and the other person you’re arguing with is making you feel like a fool.

Nobody likes to feel like they’re wrong.

So today we’re going to talk about 5 points that will help you be the bigger person in your future debates and how to come out knowing more than you did before!


01:01 – Tip #1: Lay Out The Points of Agreement
02:58 – Tip #2: Clarify The Other Person’s Perspective
04:02 – Tip #3: Establish Your Good Intentions
05:01 – Tip #4: Separate Your Views From Your Ego
07:26 – Tip #5: Not Identifying With Your Perspective & Winning Mindset

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