In this episode we continue our journey into the story mission “Ancient Revelations” and explore and conquer the ill-fated Ilmarinen! And… we don’t die! Not even once. I’m sure you don’t believe me, I mean… why would you, I die often enough in this series despite the difficulty level… but it is true! Came close to death once or twice though. However, despite my best attempts… death has eluded us in this episode. This is not a POI I really enjoy going through, in all honesty. And Eleon has recently made it even more spooky! The b******s! There are new… umm… creatures on board the Ilmarinen that didn’t used to be there. And they make some really eerie noises in this Alpha (soon to be a ‘release’) that are just… well… freaky! We finally get through it all and k**l most of the things and enter into…
Chapter 6: Uncertain Outcomes

Stay tuned for the next episode when we continue chapter 6!

Oh! And we sit on a… how to say… a commode. A toilet. Which is something that is now possible, apparently, in the recent updates. I apologize in advance if you watched the video prior to reading this description for having to suffer through watching my character do the… umm… how to politely say this… the umm… business… in this video. Although, I must say it wasn’t exactly comfortable as it was very cold and there was nothing to read. However… it was hilarious! Not something I was expected. I mean I knew you could now sit on chairs and other furniture (except beds), but this… this… was… umm… unexpected! And I found it very funny.

Before ending this episode, we do the warp thing across our current playfield so we can check out the new warp animation. Which is GREAT! (insert your best Tony the Tiger imitation there, if you don’t know who Tony the Tiger is… YouTube it). Nice job Eleon! This is really cool!

Prior to this episode, I was finally successful with starting from scratch… again (as we did when Alpha 12.2 was released)… and got us caught back up to where we left off in the last episode. With the exception of our character’s level, but it’s close enough for now to continue on and do the things. So no big deal really.

You can catch up on the entire series here:

– All Good in the Wood by Audionautix
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
– Sulking by William Rosati



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