In the presence of modern thought
and aspiration what may we
consider the greatest, the wor-
thiest, the most important and
the most inspiring thing that man can
do. This is one of the leading ques-
tions of today, and we are face to face
with a new answer, an answer that has
never been given before. In the fields
of invention, art, discovery, music, htera-
ture, industrial achievement and special
mental attainment, man has accomplished
much, and he will, in all these fields,
accompHsh vastly more. But there is
another field, the most important that
was ever known, which we are about to
enter; and it is in this new field that
man will do his greatest work — work,
indeed, that will cause the wonder works
of history to pale into utter insignificance.

The age of real wonders has just
begun. The next one hundred years will
witness achievements so extraordinary that
the terms “marvelous” and “miraculous”
will not begin to describe them. Every-
thing that the master minds of today are
dreaming about will be reahzed, and
infinitely more. Even much of what can
now be discerned in the hght of the
soul’s vision will come to pass, and
hundreds of worlds, as yet closed to the
minds of the many, will open their limit-
less possibihties to the race. Accordingly,
the welfare, the happiness and the progress
of man will be promoted as never before.
All these things, however, will simply
mark the continuation of fines of progress
already in action; they wiU naturally



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